Sunday, May 24, 2009

Lights, Camera, Action! - Highlights From the 2009 Christian Filmmakers Academy

Any person involved in the Christian film movement would greatly benefit from listening to the “Lights, Camera, Action!” CD set. This CD set covers topics ranging from the practical aspects of film making to the philosophy of film makers.

“Light’s, Camera, Action!” is a collection of lectures from the various speakers present at the San Antonio Christian Film Academy. Some of the teachings include:

  • Isaac Botkin explains the correct use of technology to accomplish much with less expensive cameras.
  • How to use Adobe® After Effects
  • How to position the camera
  • How to use color to show your message stronger
  • Doug Phillips explains the theology of the film industries and what a Christian’s philosophy should be.
  • How to improve a film in ten minutes
  • Peter Pallock explains “Photography for Filmmakers”

Through all of the twenty-two hours on this CD set the main emphasis is: “Every movie has a message, portray your message in a exciting way.”

Included in the CD set are special lectures such as “The Story of Fireproof” by Stephen Kendrick, and “How to Win the $101,000 Best of Festival Award” by Doug Phillips. Special guest speakers include Dean Jones, and others.

You can purchase your own set here:

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